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Xchange! 2013-2015 (multilateral)

Hier schon einmal eine Zusammenfassung der Projektidee in Englisch:
Going on exchanges is generally one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of a young school student. Spending a week in a host family abroad can contribute far more to reducing prejudices, overcoming stereotypes and strengthening language knowledge than foreign language teaching in school will ever be able to do. Thus, it is one of the major tasks of schools to provide for partner schools in various countries and to offer students the opportunity to go abroad as often as possible. To reach as many students as possible it is sometimes necessary to encourage those who have trepidations about getting along in an unknown environment.
Xchange! tries to meet both demands mentioned afore. On the one hand, it helps all participating schools to strengthen the links which have already existed in different forms, such as partnerships, former Comenius projects or simple one-day visits. On top of that, each school will benefit from the project by getting to know at least one new partner school that can be contacted for project ideas beyond the Comenius program. On the other hand, students bring back their positive experiences by taking an exhibition back home into their school and motivate classmates to take part in similar activities. They function as ambassadors.